Forward Agreemint-um!

Oct 2018
Author: Peter Graham

Some super momentum in the Beta tests!

Now on ProductHunt with over 112 plus upvotes (mostly organic and growing daily.)  All positive reviews so far!

Covered on BetaList with great referral traffic to the site

Completed over 500+ sign ups in Sept 2018 for new account registration or status update requests.

Hired first attorney !

All looking very minty we must say :)

Now we need a clever tagline. Something like 'always dot the 'i' in your Agreemint' could work :)

02 appoints CTO Christopher Boyce

April 2018
Author: Peter Graham

To friends and colleagues:Today marks a big day for our startup (   We are super proud to announce the addition of San Francisco based Christopher Boyce as full-time CTO.

Chris Boyce will be chartered to build on the momentum of  early private Beta access trials through the building out of operations, team appointments and technology robustness, gearing up for a commercial deployment release (version 1.x) target  in summer 2018.

Chris will be accelerating Agreemints AI capabilities, administration user features, additional contract uses, and third party integration capabilities.

Before Agreemint, Chris spent many years honing his skills in application development through his tenure at Mocana and  Chris earned in MS in Computer Science from University of San Francisco, with a BS of Computer Science from San Francisco State.      
We look forward to working with Chris!.  And perhaps sharing a  Cacao Soylent over Lunch too ( "the lunch of champions").


Minty Fresh

Feb 2018
Author: Peter Graham

Where is that contract? We all know the drill.  "Stuck in legal" is too often the response.

Throughout my career as a technology executive I found myself frequently frustrated by the legal costs we incurred throughout basic contract negotiations.  The whole process, all of the back and forth, kept us from being agile and efficient in conducting business.

I realized I wasn't alone in my frustration. 

Many others have experienced the same, being at a Fortune 500 company or as a solo preneuer.  The problem is so common that while most feel defeated by it, they've come to accept it as status quo - just how business operates. I thought to myself, there has to be a better way.

We sought a solution that was approachable and created a novel way that simplifies the execution of basic legal agreements.

Join us for something fresh.  Our invite only beta is now in motion, starting with NDAs. is not an attorney or law firm, and can only provide self-help services at your direction. 

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