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Super easy, each party will simply...


Select preferences

Tell us what level of setting you prefer.


Priority rank them

Drag and drop preferences in order of importance.


Review Agreemint Results

See the two party Smart Negotation result.  Instantly.



An easy and speedy approach that takes the complexity out of setting up any two party agreement.

AI Negotiator

Agreemint's AI  is an assisted intelligence algorithm to allow parties to negotiate in the same way they would normally, but with more dilligence, organization, and speed

Compliance Ease

Presets that keep the terms of negotiation straightforward so you can quickly assess risk and compliance.

Low Cost

No fees until the other party signs. We strive to be a valued partner and hold our service accountable to your success

Risk Optimization

Both parties have the ability to privately rank what level of risk they are comfortable with. Our smart mediation analytics can help make decisions with confidence!

Happier Relationships

Sending an invite and getting signed through our service is a whole new way to start a relationship that's built to last.


"This thing has the capability to change everything..."

Mike Weiland/ COO

"Spectactular is an understatement"

Sanjay Kalyanasundarm/ VP PM, Silicon Labs is not an attorney or law firm, and can only provide self-help services at your direction. 

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